Glow in the Dark Sand Art



This sand art and crafts set includes 3 bags with one special sand that glows in the dark.

Artsy kids will have plenty of opportunities to make exciting things with the Glow in the Dark Sand Art Kit. This art and crafts set includes three bags of sand. Children can mix and match different colours, and add in the special glow in the dark sand, to create awe-inspiring creations and cool effects. There’s blue, orange and pink sand — with the orange one that glows.

Discover the many things that girls and boys can make with this multi-coloured sand pack. It also comes in a heart-shaped bottle, so they can display their creations in their room or give it to someone special.


  • This crafts set includes:
    • 1 blue sand
    • 1 pink sand
    • 1 glow-in-the-dark orange sand
    • 1 small shaping tool
    • 1 heart-shaped bottle
  • Perfect gift for kids who like creating art with different materials
  • Sand art is ideal for display or gift when completed
  • Kids can use the heart-shaped bottle for their art or use a separate container.
  • Suitable for kids ages 6+ years

Let your child’s creativity soar with Glow in the Dark Sand Art.