Gigo Dream 16-Inch Newborn Baby Doll in Pink



Gigo Dream 16-Inch Newborn Baby Doll in Pink is a perfect newborn doll for your little doll parent to look after

This gorgeous newborn baby doll from Gigo Dream is 16 inches or 41cm tall and comes with lovely pink themed baby outfit and magic disappearing milk bottle. Everything your little baby doll parent would need to look after their new baby.

Features :

  • Newborn Baby measures 41cm long and comes with the following accessories :
    • Cloth nappy
    • Hospital band
    • Hairband
    • Magic disappearing milk bottle
    • Pink booties
    • White and pink baby blanket
    • White and pink baby outfit
  • Your child will love all the accessories that come with this cute baby, they can swaddle their baby, change their nappy, feed the baby and dress it, perfect for hours of pretend play.
  • This baby is pink themed, however, is not anatomically correct so can be a boy or girl.
  • Also available in Blue.
  • Designed for children from 2 years old.

The Gigo Dream 16-Inch Newborn Baby Doll in Pink is a gorgeous newborn baby doll that will thrill any doll parent.