Gigo 33cm Traveling Baby Trunk Play Set



Gigo 33cm Traveling Baby Trunk Play Set opens up to an adorable doll with a bottle, playmat, change of clothes and plenty of accessories.

Make your next trip more fun and memorable for little ones by bringing along the Gigo Traveling Baby Trunk Play Set. This doll set comes with a 33cm baby doll dressed in an adorable outfit with a headband. She also comes with a change of clothes that includes a top, extra pair of shorts, and booties.

Not only that, but the Dream Collection doll also has lots of accessories to make travel more fun and convenient. She has her bib and bottle when she gets hungry on the road and a toy rattle to keep her entertained. And should your family goes on a trip to the beach, a powder and lotion keep the doll protected from the heat.


  • The Gigo 33cm Traveling Baby Trunk Play Set includes:
    • Doll (13 inches or 33 cm)
    • Clothes, including an extra pair of top and shorts with booties
    • Headband
    • Bottle
    • Bib
    • Playmat
    • Other travel accessories
  • Comes with a box that can be used for storage and travel
  • Great gift idea for girls who like dolls and make-believe toys
  • Realistic doll features and charming outfit for a fun roleplaying activity for kids
  • Parts and materials are tested for safety
  • Dimensions: 34 X 18 X 19 cms
  • Weight: 2 kgs.
  • Suitable for children ages 2+ years

Gigo 33cm Traveling Baby Trunk Play Set has everything little girls need for a delightful roleplaying activity.