Galt Beady Keyrings Activity Kit



Galt Beady Keyrings Activity Kit enhances your child’s hand-eye coordination!

Arts and crafts time provides your children with unique and fun ways to learn and develop skills. Art allows your children to expand their vocabulary as they learn to communicate while doing arts and crafts activities. Let your children develop essential skills as they have fun creating animal keyrings that they can share with friends!

Engaging your children in arts and crafts activities allows them to be creative in many ways. Spark creativity as your children creates 6- fun animal keyrings with air-drying beady modelling material.  Assist your children in forming the modelling beads around the polystyrene ball and press in the keyring they can design with wiggly eyes to make the fun animals. 

Enjoy arts and crafts time with the company of 6-adorable animals. This activity kit offers clean and easy to use materials that are made from coloured foam beads.


  • Galt Beady Keyrings Activity Kit includes:
    • 5-pieces of 14gpacks of beady modelling material
    • 6-pieces of 30mm polystyrene balls
    • 6-keyrings
    • 12-wiggly eyes
    • A guide to follow
  • Coordinate the hands and eyes to design and form beady keyrings of fun animals. 
  • This product measures: 15.49cm x 3.51cm x 26.29cm
  • Suitable for children ages 6 years old and above

 Make arts and crafts one-of-a-kind as you spend time with your children in creating a beady keyring of their own with this Galt Beady Keyrings Activity Kit.