Everyone Can Draw for Artists



Everyone Can Draw for Artists is a book that can awaken your child’s creativity.

Who wouldn’t like to see their kids develop their artistic skills when it comes to drawing? That is why Everyone Can Draw for Artists was created by Barrington Barber. The books cover several topics from simple still-life to majestic landscapes. The author provides simple instructions and accompanied them with visuals, to ensure readers will have a full understanding of each lesson.

The instructional book Everyone Can Draw for Artists helps to encourage your kids to develop their artistic side. As your child refine their skills, they also strengthen their fine motor skills, concentration, creativity and imagination. Also, your kids can expand their vocabulary with the terms used within the artistic community.


  • Everyone Can Draw for Artists is a great tool to assist your young artist on their quest to be the next famous artist.
  • Filled with tips from a renowned artist.
  • Helps to boost your child’s confidence with the additional knowledge they acquire from the book.
  • A must-have for beginners and professional artist.
  • The instructional book was written by Barrington Barber.
  • The format is paperback with 352 pages.
  • Product Dimension: 29.7 cm × 21 cm × 2.54 cm.
  • The instructional book is suitable for kids 12 years of age and above.

Help your child further develop their innate talent with the Everyone Can Draw for Artists.