Eurotrike Twist and Roll Tri Scooter in Pink



Eurotrike Twist and Roll Tri Scooter in Pink is your child’s companion towards a healthy and fun path!

Children learn by exploring their environment and the world around them. Ignite your child’s curiosity as they hop on and take on new adventures with this Twist and Roll Tri Scooter.

Provide your children with fun activities that will encourage them to explore just as how they can move from one corner to another with Eurotrike’s innovative new design tri-scooter with a lean-to-steer mechanism. A lightweight scooter is perfect for scooting in the neighbourhood. Playing physical games such as riding this scooter gives children fun ways to develop confidence in movement challenges like balancing, climbing, crawling, bending, and stretching.

Children explore new ways to move and learn how to control these movements safely in various spaces around them. This Twist and Roll Tri Scooter offers soft and comfortable grips for safety. 


  • Eurotrike Twist and Roll Tri Scooter in Pink includes:
    • Wheels with high speed sealed bearings.
    • Rear footbrake
    • Soft and comfortable grips
    • Lean-to-steer mechanism 
  • Lightweight scooter to learn about balance and coordination
  • Adjustable dimensions for your child’s preference
  • This product measures: 57cm x 23.5cm x 67.5cm
  • Footstep: 5cm
  • Suitable for children ages 3 years old and above

Encourage your child to enhance their cognitive and physical development by providing them activities where they can exercise their body’s movement and skills with the help of this Eurotrike Twist and Roll Tri Scooter in Pink.