Enid Blyton The Magic Faraway Tree Collection



Enid Blyton’s The Magic Faraway Tree Collection takes readers on a magical journey to new lands as they climb a mystical tree.

When Beth, Joe and Frannie moved to a new home, they discovered an Enchanted Wood near their place. As the children ventured deep into the forest, they found a tree whose branches seem to reach for the sky. The Faraway Tree took them to many great adventures and new lands as they climb higher and higher.

The complete collection of Enid Blyton’s beloved series, this slip-cased three book set tells about the children who explore the Magic Faraway Tree, the characters they meet, their great adventure and the lessons learned along the way. It’s the perfect gift for readers who like an excellent adventure and fantasy story!


  • The Magic Faraway Tree Collection contains three of Enid Blyton’s well-loved stories including:
    • The Enchanted Wood
    • The Magic Faraway Tree
    • The Folk of the Faraway Tree
  • Written by one of the most cherished authors in children’s publishing
  • Magic Faraway Tree gained 66th place in BBC’s Big Read.
  • Total number of pages: 672
  • Perfect for all readers ages five years and up
  • Set measures 19.8 x 12.9  x 4.5 cm

Get your hands on all three of the popular stories written by best-selling author Enid Blyton in The Magic Faraway Tree Collection.