DK Think Of A Number



DK Think Of A Number makes math fun for kids by engaging them in exciting adventures involving numbers.

DK Think Of A Number brings out the fun in math with fun facts and trivia as well as thrilling tricks that involve numbers. Kids who think Math is boring will change their mind as they discover how to use the Number 1089 to read people’s mind or find out which number is so big that it will fill the universe when it’s written down.

Written by Johnny Ball, popular children show host, this book will full of clever tricks to make math engaging for kids. Watch as children test their friends with numerical mind-reading techniques and puzzles that stumped even the world’s brainiest mathematics. Once kids read this book, they’ll never think math is boring ever again!


  • DK Think Of A Number is an incredible fact-packed book that unravels the mysteries and fun side of Math.
  • Written by Johnny Ball, a popular host who masterminded and presented over ten children’s shows on Math and Science
  • Perfect for learners ages four years and above
  • Dimensions: 27.55 x 21.6 x 0.8 cm

Make math exciting and fun for kids with the DK Think Of A Number.