DK: 100 Women Who Made History



DK: 100 Women Who Made History is an inspirational book for girls and boys.

Introduce kids to interesting ladies in history who have made their mark. DK: 100 Women Who Made History takes kids on a journey of the past and tells them stories about girls and women who influenced the modern world. There is a range of inspiring women mentioned in the book, ranging from innovators such as Rosalind Franklin and Marie Curie to creatures such as Beyonce and Emily Dickinson. It also touches on women who have become great leaders like Eleanor Roosevelt and Joan of Arc.

DK: 100 Women Who Made History includes detailed information with photographs and quirky “bobblehead” illustrations to make history fun for kids. Special Features puts the spotlight on modern women to paint a complete picture for young readers.


  • DK: 100 Women Who Made History features a range of women in different fields in art, innovation, politics, and more.
  • Introduces the past with context like “what happened before” and “what happened after” to show how these women shaped the world
  • Hardback edition with 128 pages
  • Dimensions: 1.5 x 28.1 x 22.3 cm
  • Suitable for pre-school readers ages 3 years and older

Inspire little girls to make their own difference as they read and learn about great ladies in history with DK: 100 Women Who Made History.