Disney Princess 40 Amazing Princess Hairstyles



This Disney Princess 40 Amazing Princess Hairstyles lets your little Disney fan achieve the hair of their dreams!

All Disney fans know that each Disney Princess has her own unique style and signature look. The Disney Princess 40 Amazing Princess Hairstyles opens up to real-life versions of each of the beloved Disney Princesses’ hairstyle and easy-to-follow instructions on how to create the hairstyle that your child would like to have. Your child doesn’t have to worry if their hair is long or somewhat short; curly or straight because the step-by-step instructions allow even beginners to achieve 40 different hairstyles in braids, updos, buns, waves, twists and ponytails that were once worn by 11 Disney Princesses like Ariel, Mulan, Cinderella, Snow White, Tiana, Pocahontas and more!


  • This Disney Princess 40 Amazing Princess Hairstyles comes with 40 hairstyles in braids, curls, updos, buns, waves twists and ponytails, including:
    • Aurora: Aurora’s Waves – A cascade of pretty waves
    • Belle: Belle’s Bow – A distinctive style accented by a charming bow created with your own hair
    • Cinderella: Buns and Braids – A pair of beautifully twisted buns highlighted by braids
    • Jasmine: High Ponytail – An unusual ponytail perched high on the head
    • Merida: Rough and Tough – A tumble of curls balanced on the crown of the head
    • Mulan: Mulan’s Bun – A lovely bun accessorized by an intertwined ribbon
    • Pocahontas: Pocahontas’ Hidden Braid – A unique look in which a French braid peeks out from twisted locks of hair
    • Rapunzel: Rapunzel’s Full Braid – An exquisite variation on the traditional fishtail braid
    • Snow White: Braid of Braids – An attractive concoction of braids gathered at the nape of the neck
    • Tiana: Tiana’s Bun – A gorgeous but easy-to-create topknot
  • Features real-life versions of the hairstyles on a real child in full-colour.
  • Simply follow the step-by-step instructions to achieve the beautiful hairstyles!
  • Perfect for special occasions.
  • Product Dimensions: 23cm × 22.95cm × 0.9cm
  • Suitable for 4 years and up.

Inspire your child to explore hairstyling in a magical way featuring some of their favourite Disney Princesses with the Disney Princess 40 Amazing Princess Hairstyles!