Disney Pixar Coco Stuck On Stories



Disney Pixar Coco Stuck On Stories will take your child to Miguel’s adventures of pursuing his passion of becoming a musician.

This 2-in-1 book and toy will let your child meet fascinating characters from the enchanting lands of the living and the dead. Stir up your child’s imagination by recreating storey scenes to life or creating an original one by using the toy suction figures of Mama Coco, Hector, Dante, and more.

Disney Pixar Coco Stuck on Stories contains 10 fun pages that will help develop your child’s motor skills, language development, and creativity. It will introduce the value of persuasion and the importance of family relations to your child.


  • Disney Pixar Coco Stuck On Stories activity book in a sturdy hardback format also features a clear window cover that gives a glimpse of the cute toys.
  • Disney and Pixar Coco – Stuck on Stories feature an engaging storybook, interactive board game, and 10 suction cup character figures to keep your children occupied with creative learning activities.
  • This 2-in-1 portable activity set only measures 4 × 20.4 × 4.1 cm and suitable for either indoor or outdoor fun.
  • Recommended for Ages 3 years and up.

Let your child realize the importance of pursuing one’s dream with Disney Pixar Coco Stuck On Stories!