Disney Learning – Where Do Animals Live? Look and Find



Put on your Detective boots and travel through the habitat worlds of animals with this Where Do Animals Live? edition of Look and Find!

Creating a unique combination of a storybook with hide and seek, with the help of Simba from the Lion King, your child will engage in an interactive learning experience that explores the lives and habitats of the creatures of the world. A must-have for any fan of Disney and the natural environment, this challenging book will serve your child with hours of endless entertainment and learning. 

Disney is a producer of some of the most well-known figures of the cartoon world, as well as a universe of movies, theme parks and magic. Featuring all your favourite characters like Minnie and Mickey, Donald and Goofy, the Disney toy collection is sure to excite any fan of these characters.


  • Multiple iconic scenes from around the world engage your child with parts of the ecosystem they may never have otherwise encountered. 
  • Includes interactive games and challenges that will stretch your child’s imagination and creativity
  • Suitable for ages 5 to 8 years old

This book is an amazing addition to the library of any budding fauna enthusiast. With the help of Simba, watch them blossom with knowledge from around the world!