Disney and Pixar Coco My Busy Books



Disney and Pixar Coco My Busy Books will bring out the persistent dreamer in your child.

Disney and Pixar Coco- My Busy Books features the adventures of an aspiring musician, Miguel. In this activity book, your children will also get to know the importance of determination in fulfilling one’s dream. Your children can come up with original story plots using the scenic pages of the storybook and the 12 mini figurines, including Miguel, Mama Coco, Julio, Ernesto, and Dante, among others. This interactive toy and storybook set will help develop your children’s creativity, comprehension, and motor skills.


  • Disney and Pixar Coco My Busy Books contain 10 fully illustrated pages of Miguel’s adventures to get blessings from his family to become a musician.
  • This hardcover edition’s durability will make it possible that the next generation can still enjoy this interactive storybook activity set.
  • Disney and Pixar Coco- My Busy Books includes a storybook to read, playmat, and 12 mini character figurines that your children and their friends can share in an imaginative play. You can also use the cute character toys as a cake topper if you want a Coco-theme birthday party.
  • This board book set measures 4 × 20.3 × 4.3 cm, and a great learning tool whilst your kids are having fun.
  • Suitable for Ages 3 years and up.

Let your children listen to an engaging story whilst having a creative learning experience with Disney and Pixar Coco My Busy Books!