Discovery Pack Crystals and Gemstones



Uncover exciting truths about the Earth’s precious rocks in Discovery Pack Crystals and Gemstones.

Want to see some of the biggest diamonds in the world? Unearth the sparkling and glittering world of gemstones and crystals in a beautifully presented book full of stunning photographs and information. Discovery Pack Crystals and Gemstones answer your child’s questions about precious stones, including how they’re formed and other interesting trivia.

Go ahead, flip the page of this book and enjoy lots of rock-solid facts backed with scientific detail with your family. This educational book also contains a double-sided poster and 100 amazing stickers that will make your little gem collector jump with glee.


  • Ultimate kids’ guide to crystals and precious gems
  • The book contains exciting illustrations, awesome activities, stunning photos and fascinating facts.
  • The poster presents precious minerals on one side and facts on diamonds on the other.
  • 100 gemstone stickers are included for your child’s collection
  • Perfect for budding gemologists ages 7 years and up
  • Dimensions: 28.1 × 24.3 × 2.5 cm

Discovery Pack Crystals and Gemstones will shine on your little learner’s bookshelf.