Dinosaur Survival Guide Book



Dinosaur Survival Guide Book gives handy and sometimes funny tips on how to survive the Jurassic jungle.

What would you and your child do if you come face to face with the T-Rex? Read the pages of the Dinosaur Survival Guide Book and find out. Crammed with fascinating and funny tips written by 6-year-old author Kingston Dyer, it will help young and old explorers navigate the Jurassic jungle with confidence.

If dinosaurs were still alive, can you survive? With this book, you probably could!


  • Dinosaur Survival Guide Book is packed with tips from an “expert” 6-year-old Jurassic guide on how to survive dinosaurs.
  • Thrilling and comic read with lots of fun facts about dinosaurs such as the Brachiosaurus, Mosasaurus, Raptors, and more!
  • Written in real life by Claire Hibbert
  • Paperback format
  • Suitable for dino lovers ages 12 years and up
  • Dimensions: 28 × 22.5 × 0.85 cm 

Dinosaur Survival Guide Book is a unique reference book on how to survive dinosaurs. It’s a must-have reference for anyone who loves these prehistoric creatures.