Dickie Toys Easy Call Walkie Talkie



Dickie Toys Easy Call Walkie Talkie lets your kids communicate on outdoor adventures

Lightweight long-range walkie talkies for awesome outdoor adventures, with a range of up to 80m this will have your kids outdoors for hours. Dickie Toys Easy Call Walkie Talkie have been a best seller for years, providing great sound quality and ease of use.

Features :

  • Walkie Talkies are a classic and super popular children’s toy encouraging interactive play and exploration.
  • The Dickie Toys Easy Call Walkie Talkie comes in surprise colours Black and Red or Yellow and Black. Which coloured set will you be getting?
  • Each Dickie Toys Easy Call Walkie Talkie has an 80m range, flexible aerial, low and high volume switch and included batteries.
  • Buildings and some weather conditions can affect the range of any walkie talkie, but the Dickie Toys Easy Call Walkie Talkie are some of the best kids versions available.
  • Get your kids out into the great outdoors and check in on them using the walkie talkie.
  • Each Walkie Talkie requires 1 9V battery, which is included.
  • Suitable for ages 4 years and up. 

Dickie Toys Easy Call Walkie Talkie are lightweight and well balanced and fit perfectly in the palm of your little explorer’s hand.