DC Super Friends Stuck On Stories



DC Super Friends Stuck on Stories will make your children realize the value of friends working together.

DC Super Friends- Stuck on Stories showcases the story superhero friends that always save the day. Your kids can also join them in their adventures by creating action scenes using the 10 toy suction cups. You can organize a playdate by inviting your children’s friends to come over as they play the board game or have an imaginative role-play where they can act as Super Friends. Together, they will be able to develop their creativity, enhance their communication skills and the ability to follow instructions.


  • DC Super Friends- Stuck on Stories has 10 adventure-filled pages of superheroes working together to defeat villains.
  • This activity book is in a hard book format and also features a clear window that will fascinate your little ones.
  • DC Super Friends- Stuck on Stories features a storybook, board game, and 10 suction cup character toys which include Superman, Wonder Woman. Supergirl, Hawkgirl, Batman, Batgirl and a lot more.
  • This activity book measures 25.35 × 20.2 × 4 cm and an excellent indoor or outdoor activity tool. The constant moving of objects as your children and their friends will also help develop their motor skills.
  • Suitable for Ages 3 years and up.

Teach your children how teamwork works and how each member’s contribution is as equally important as the others with DC Super Friends- Stuck on Stories!