DC Comics Superman Man of Steel Collection



DC Comics Superman Man of Steel Collection has five hardback books to keep your superhero fan engaged in reading.

Follow Clark Kent on his quest to fight for truth and justice as Superman. With his signature blue uniform with the S symbol on his chest and a red flowing cape, Superman is the icon of compassion, responsibility and heroism. He is considered the world’s first superhero and the most recognisable DC Super Heroes character of all.

Born on the doomed Krypton planet but raised in Smallville, Texas, this Man of Steel has grown to be one of the legends of pop culture and remains to be one of the most beloved superheroes for kids and adults. This five-book collection follows Superman on his many adventures to save his city and the world.


  • DC Comics Superman Man of Steel Collection is a boxed set that contains five hardback books in the following titles:
    • I am Superman
    • Escape from Phantom Zone
    • Superman Versus the Silver Banshee
    • Day of Doom
    • Superman Versus Bizarro
  • Perfect starter set for beginner comic book collectors
  • Suitable for readers ages 8+ years
  • Dimensions (package): 26.5 x 17.6 x 4.50

Introduce your kids to the beginnings of Superman in this DC Comics Superman Man of Steel Collection.