Crayola Sticker Look Book



Design your dream getup with this Crayola Creations Sticker Lookbook!

A perfect gift for any budding fashion designers, this Lookbook from Crayola is complete with all the things you need to create your perfect look, from hair to heels! With over 30 sketch pages included, this book will serve for hours of endless fun and imaginative creation for your child. 

Crayola is a renowned producer of a wide range of products to assist your child in expressing their artistic creativity. From crayons to textas and sweet-smelling markers, there is a Crayola product that will be perfect for your family and hours of imaginative creation.


  • 4 swatch and accessory sticker sheets, 15 colourable garment sticker sheets and 30 sketch pages. 
  • Suitable for ages 8+

Let your young one’s mind run wild in a world of fashion and creativity with this Crayola Sticker Look Book!