Crayola Signature 50 Blend and Shade Pencils



Reveal your inner artist with these high-quality Blend and Shade Pencils from Crayola Signature!

Created for precision shading, blending and detail work, this kit is crafted with a high-quality pencil cores for perfect performance when your child is focused on their own creativity. In a pack of 50, this quiver of pencils will serve even the most demanding young artists and will allow them to engage with their own imagination and talent for hours on end. 

Crayola is a renowned producer of a wide range of products to assist your child in expressing their artistic creativity. From crayons to textas and sweet-smelling markers, there is a Crayola product that will be perfect for your family and hours of imaginative creation.


  • Kit includes 50 blending and shading colour pencils
  • Packaged in a decorative tin that doubles as a compact storage unit
  • Pencils coloured matte black with a coloured tip for easy identification 
  • Suitable for 5 years old onwards

Let your young one’s mind run wild in a world of imagination and creativity with this Crayola Signature 50 Blend and Shade Pencils.