Crayola Metallic Markers 8 Pack



 Crayola Metallic Markers 8 Pack makes art fun

Crayola is a legend in the arts and crafts world of juniors all over the world and the Crayola Metallic Markers 8 Pack are yet another innovation from the company that can be trusted to create 100% kids safe products.

This Crayola pack contains 8 metallic markers that add an extra sheen to your artwork. Finish off a school project, homemade card or creative art with these awesome shiny colours.


  • 100% kids safe washable markers.
  • 8 awesome metallic colours inclue : Cobalt Blue, Green Machine ,Slick Silver, Copper Mine, Gold Ingot, Purple Steel, Black Iron, Pink Bling
  • Dried out markers are never a problem, just dip them in water and bingo, the marker comes back to life.

Use the Crayola Metallic Markers 8 Pack for art fun.