Crayola Chalk n Duster Blister Packed



Add some versatile creativity to your child’s toy chest with this Chalk ‘n Duster set from Crayola!

Complete with coloured and white chalk, this set is a perfect introduction into the world of Crayola. This is a perfect kit for any kids fascinated with their own imaginations and free-flow creativity and has a versatility of being able to set down and draw whenever inspiration strikes due to its washability. 

Crayola is a renowned producer of a wide range of products to assist your child in expressing their artistic creativity. From crayons to textas and sweet-smelling markers, there is a Crayola product that will be perfect for your family and hours of imaginative creation.


  • Includes 12 white and 12 coloured chalk sticks, as well as a duster suitable for chalk and whiteboards
  • Non-toxic and washable for easy and safe use
  • Suitable for ages 4+ 

Let your young one’s mind run wild with their ideas and thoughts put down on the sidewalk and chalkboard alike with this versatile Chalk ‘n Duster kit from Crayola!