Cool Maker Sew Cool Kit



Cool Maker Sew Cool is a no-thread magical sewing machine that is safe for kids – perfect for inspiring your little one’s creative side!

Encourage your child to express their creativity with the Cool Maker Sew Cool! This does not have any thread or needle so it’s perfectly safe for your little one! It comes with 5 pre-cut projects and stuffing so creating these is a breeze!

Your little one can create a keychain, a rainbow marker holder, a pretty pouch, a stylish stuffed rose toy, and even an adorable stuffed cat toy. There are markings so it’s easy to follow along the lines to sew these projects.


  • The Cool Maker Sew Cool is the ultimate kit for creating personalised sewing projects like pouches, stuffed toys, marker holders, and more.
  • Each package includes:
    • 1 Sew Cool sewing machine
    • 5 Sew Cool pre-cut sewing projects
    • 1 bag stuffing for stuffed toys
    • Instructions
  • The sewing machine doesn’t involve needles, thread, pedals, and more so it is very safe for kids.
  • Comes with 5 pre-cut projects with markings on where to sew.
  • Sew Cool pre-cut projects are very easy to accomplish. The projects include:
    • Keychain
    • Marker holder
    • Pouch
    • Stuffed rose
    • Stuffed cat character
  • Finished projects can be used as gifts, house decoration, keychains, and more!
  • Simply use the machine to “sew” along the marked lines. Fill with stuffing before sealing and it’s done!
  • A great way to entertain your child without the use of technology. This is also a good bonding experience for the family.
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  • Product dimensions: 13.03 x 22.37 x 22.22 cm
  • Suitable for kids ages 6 and up

Make arts and crafts time even more special and fun with Cool Maker Sew Cool!