Cool Maker Pottery


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Cool Maker Pottery is a crafting kit that lets your children easily sculpt, design and paint their own pottery clay creations!

Shape, spin and decorate! That’s what your little daughters can do with this pottery wheel kit. It’s a brand new way to design stuff out of clay! 

Making their own air-dry clay projects with this fun toy kit is simple to do!

What’s unique about this is they can shape the clay upside down, easily forming it because gravity will do the work. Simply cover the turntable with a clay disk and softly spray it with water. Watch it spin until the clay forms a shape using their hands. 


  • Cool Maker Pottery includes 1x Cool Maker Pottery Studio, 1x Spray Bottle and 1x Tool Holder. 
  • Comes with 3x Clay Discs, 1x Paint Brush and 1x Playbook Instruction Guide.
  • Consists of 5x Colors of Paint (5 ml each), 2x Coring Tools, 2x Cores and 2x Sculpting Tools. 
  • Suitable for kids, 8 years old onwards

Get your own Cool Maker Potter to enhance your children’s creativity! With this potter wheel kit, sculpting clay projects is easy and fun! What’s more, the possibilities are beyond your expectations. 

Warning: The small parts included in the package can be choking hazards to children below 3 years. Please read the instructions carefully.