Construct It Kit Lift Truck with 120 Pieces



Construct It Kit Lift Truck is an awesome 120-Piece STEM-based building kit

Enter the world of STEM learning whilst building this awesome free-wheeling tractor with the Construct It Kit Lift Truck with 120 Pieces. This set will challenge your kids to some awesome but intricate construction play. Perfect for children from the age of 8 years this set is just jam-packed full of construction fun.

Features :

  • The Construct It Lift Truck building kit allows kids to build a small model of mechanical lift often used to reach electric wires or for rescues.
  • The Construct It Lift Truck is packed with other features too and they’re listed below :
    • 120 plastic and metal parts make a Lift Truck. 
    • Assembly tools and instructions manual included.
    • As with all building sets this set allows kids to construct their own builds.
  • Designed for kids who enjoy construction and complex play and develop STEM skills with its open-ended focus.
  • Suitable for kids 8 years and up.

Get your kids building awesome machines with the Construct It Lift Truck Set with Real Tools.