Collecta Prehistoric World Xiongguanlong Dinosaur Figure



Collecta Prehistoric World Xiongguanlong Dinosaur Figure is perfect for dino fans

The Xiongguanlong is also known as the “Grand Pass dragon”. They look similar to the T-rex but their height is comparable to humans. It has been estimated to weigh about 300 kilograms (660 lb), and they are 400 cm to 450 cm in height.

Xiongguanlong’s first fossils were found in China. This reptile that lived in the Early Cretaceous uses its tail to gain balance. They are an ancestor of the tyrannosaurs and are a bipedal long-snouted dinosaur with a narrow-elongated muzzle that is similar to that of the later Alioramus.


  • Collecta Prehistoric World Xiongguanlong is medium-sized dinosaur figure, a great alternative to the T-rex for your child’s dino collection.
  • Paleontologist approved, with characteristics based on expert findings after carefully studying fossil evidence
  • Made with non-toxic materials for a high-quality appearance
  • Completely free from harmful chemicals
  • Measures 10cm x 6cm
  • For ages 3 years old and above

Get your child exploring and learning the Early Cretaceous Era with the Collecta Prehistoric World Xiongguanlong Dinosaur Figure.