CollectA Prehistoric World Velociraptor Toy Figure



CollectA Prehistoric World Velociraptor Toy Figure will terrorize your child’s collection with the lifelike image of a horrifying flesh-seeking dinosaur.

Turkey-sized Velociraptors have feathers to cover their body. Although they appear like harmless birds, due to their size, they are still as dangerous as massive dinosaurs due to their sharp, sickle-shaped claws. Researchers believe that velociraptors use their talons for tackling and disembowelling their prey.

Scientists were able to identify the size and appearance of velociraptors after carefully studying some fossil findings. These data are the same reference used by CollectA in creating a figure of this dinosaur and other pieces in the Prehistoric World lineup, making them excellent toys for display and your kid’s science projects.


  • CollectA Prehistoric World Velociraptor Medium Toy Figure showcases a scientifically accurate and paleontologist-approved depiction of a feathered dinosaur.
  • Show various Prehistoric creatures to kids through toy figures like the Velociraptor toy and other items from the CollectA lineup.
  • Created from high-quality PVC for increased damage resistance and non-toxic acrylic for kids’ safety
  • Approx Dimensions: 12cm x 6cm
  • Perfect for kids 3 and up!

One of the notable Prehistoric beings, the CollectA Prehistoric World Velociraptor M Toy Figure is something your child should have in their growing collection of animal figures!