CollectA Prehistoric World Sarcosuchus XL



CollectA Prehistoric World Sarcosuchus XL shows your kids a crocodile-like miniature, which is actually a representation of prehistoric creatures that swam and walked with the dinosaurs in the early times.

Sarcosuchus is an extinct, far relative of the crocodiles. They are twice as big as an average-sized crocodile and have longer snouts. Kids who would mistake this for crocs would be introduced to the wonders of evolution. This would also teach them that even the slightest difference matters, that they need to be more observant.

With the help of experts, CollectA was able to come up with a roster of prehistoric animal figures with the closest appearance according to history and records. This paleontologist-approved replica is true, a great addition to any exotic collection.


  • CollectA Prehistoric World Sarcosuchus XL brings your kids another highly crafted figure for their growing animal toy collection
  • Your kids learn more as they play with the prehistoric animal figure
  • Introduce your kids to other extinct animals from the Jurassic era with other Prehistoric World items from the CollectA roster
  • Measures 20 cm x 4 cm
  • Perfect for kids 3 and up

Because it is far from a crocodile, why not add the CollectA Prehistoric World Sarcosuchus XL to your kids’ collection to enhance their observation skills and knowledge of prehistoric animals.