CollectA Prehistoric World Quetzalcoatlus with Prey XL



CollectA Quetzalcoatlus with prey shows a true to life miniature figure of an enormous dinosaur-bird about to devour an unfortunate meal.

Quetzalcoatluses are comparable to giraffes when it comes to their extraordinarily long, stiffened necks. Known as one of the biggest flying animals of all time, it feels great to visualize how they flew the young earth’s skies. Let your kids’ imagination flow as they play and learn more about them.

The anatomy and every important characteristic needed to portray this extinct animal accurately is visible in CollectA’s depiction of the Quetzalcoatlus. This feat makes it a perfect addition to an exotic animal collection or a make-believe Jurrasic era setting.


  • CollectA Prehistoric World Quetzalcoatlus with Prey is one of the biggest flying dinosaurs that soared the skies in the prehistoric era.
  • Introduce your kids to the Jurrasic world with many of these items from CollectA’s Prehistoric World line up
  • With the help of experts, CollectA was able to arrive with factually accurate figures for learning and fun time
  • Constructed with 100% safe materials
  • Completely free from phthalate and lead
  • Dimensions: 11.7cm x 13.1cm
  • For ages 3 and up

CollectA Prehistoric World Quetzalcoatlus with Prey XL will take your kids back to the era of dinosaurs together with other pieces from the CollectA roster.