CollectA Prehistoric World Fukuisaurus Dinosaur Figure



If your kid is into dinosaurs, then one of the best picks you’ll find is the CollectA Prehistoric World Fukuisaurus Toy Figure.

The Fukuisaurus is an early cretaceous herbivorous ornithopod dinosaur that lived in Japan more than a hundred million years ago. CollectA creatively envisioned the dinosaur as it walks on all four of its legs with its tail pointing up. Its wide-mouth suggests that the creature is surveying the area or emitting a sound. 

The dino collectible is beautifully painted in a sandy beige tone with white on its underbelly and detailed marking on the side of its head. It has a grey beak, claws, and is structured with a row of osteoderms running down the spine. The figure is also masterfully sculpted based on the fossil records with its rounded scales, heavy skin folds, shoulder and hip joints, muscular limbs, tiny nostrils, and scary mouth.


  • Modelled to be factually accurate with careful study and references to early and published fossil records
  • High-grade painted that brings the dinosaurs back to life with all the finishing touches
  • Safe to play and stands upright on its own
  • Excellent for hours of imaginative play, animal role-playing, decor, and gifts
  • Best bought with the CollectA Prehistoric World 1:40 Scale Fukuiraptor Toy Figure (sold separately)
  • Dimensions: 14cm x 5.5cm
  • Loved by children ages 3 and up!

Build your very own miniature dinosaur world and make sure not to miss Japan’s Fukuisaurus Toy Figure from CollectA!