CollectA Prehistoric World Diplodocus Grey Dinosaur Figure



CollectA Prehistoric World Diplodocus Grey Dinosaur Figure is one of the most loved sauropod dinosaurs.

The Diplodocus species are known to be among the most popular dinosaurs during the late Jurassic era, around 152 million years ago. They are believed to have inhabited the Mid-Western portion of North America. The name “Diplodocus” means “double-beamed reptile” based on its double-beamed chevron bones found in its tail’s underside. Apparently, the incredibly long tail was the Diplodocus’ form of defence from predators like Ceratosaurus and Allosaurus. 

CollectA is one of the most popular toy replica figure makers around the globe. The company is committed to creating a realistic natural word in miniature forms, perfect for collection or educational purposes. The CollectA Diplodocus toy figure is designed by experts in the prehistoric world and carefully crafted to perfection. 


  • The CollectA Prehistoric World Diplodocus Grey Dinosaur toy figure is a prevalent dinosaur model since its first issue. 
  • It is an excellent choice for animal and species awareness, as well as for collection purposes. 
  • It is made of high quality and non-toxic materials. 
  • Product dimension is 19.4cm x 22.8cm.
  • Suitable for children with ages three (3) years old onwards.

Let your child run wild with his imagination with CollectA’s Prehistoric World The Age of Dinosaurs Diplodocus Grey Toy Figure.