CollectA Prehistoric World Diabloceratops Dinosaur Figure



CollectA Prehistoric World Diabloceratops Dinosaur Figure shows a dinosaur figure of an extinct creature with an exotic appearance that is truly display-worthy.

The Diabloceratops sports many enormous horns on its head. But that it’s not the only frightening feature it has. Scientists also depicted this creature as something that displays a devil-like face and colour, thus, earning itself the name.

Surprisingly, these features are visible in the paleontologist-approved CollectA figure. From the horn to tail, the details were as scientists have assumed after carefully studying the data they acquired through years of research on the extinct creature.


  • The CollectA Prehistoric World Diabloceratops is a fascinating toy for children that would trigger their curiosity and further enrich their minds with knowledge about dinosaurs.
  • Acquaint your child to unusual animals, including the prehistoric creatures, to prepare them for a more challenging level of education where more unfamiliar animals and scientific names would be present.
  • Constructed with PVC material and other safe, non-toxic elements
  • Dimensions: 15 x 8 cm
  • For kids aged 3 and up

Indulge your kids with toys that offer learning opportunities like the factually accurate CollectA Prehistoric World Diabloceratops