CollectA Prehistoric World Brachiosaurus Baby Dinosaur Figure



CollectA Prehistoric World Brachiosaurus Baby Dinosaur Figure will spark the curiosity of explorers of all ages.

With its long neck and gigantic size, the brachiosaurus is an icon of the upper Jurassic period. This gentle plant-eating dinosaur has longer front legs than back legs. Combined with a powerful neck, it has the advantage of height when searching for food. An adult brachiosaurus can browse and eat vegetation as high as 30 feet off the ground.

Let your child learn more about the wonders of the prehistoric era through this baby brachiosaurus figurine. CollectA’s detailed replica features the long-necked Brachiosaurus Baby in impressive realism from its high neck down to the wrinkles in its skin. Its long neck is looking to the rear – as if searching for its parents or for child willing to take it home.


  • Sculpted and painted by a world-renowned team headed by archeologist Anthony Beeson, a well-respected expert in paleo imagery
  • Made with the finest and safest materials for kids
  • Perfect for education purposes, dioramas, ancient world displays, and exhibits
  • Introduce your little one to the prehistoric world of dinosaurs with CollectA’s dinosaur toy figures.
  • Dimensions: 7.5cm x 6.5cm
  • Suitable for ages 3 and up 

No dinosaur collection is complete without this CollectA Prehistoric World Brachiosaurus Baby Dinosaur Figure. Buy it now!