CollectA Horse Country Unicorn Foal Blue Toy Figure



CollectA Horse Country Unicorn Foal Blue Toy Figure will complete your child’s enchanted make-believe animal playset.

Unicorns are believed to be taller than an average horse with a mane and tail of a translucent silver colour that shines brightly under the sun. It was said to be one of the most beautiful creatures only a few will see. CollectA brings the unicorn to life with its accurate replica of this beloved creature with glossy white and blue magical fur.

A unicorn proudly gallops in the forest often accompanied by fairies. It is known for its single large, pointed, spiralling horn on its forehead, as can also be seen on the figurine. The animal replica also has a Celtic symbol of three conjoined spirals in symmetry known as Triskelion. It is believed to represent the present world, the spiritual world, and the celestial world.


  • Masterfully crafted to mimic every writer’s description of the horse-like enchanted being
  • Beautifully hand-painted to give off a translucent, bluish, magical vibe, and glossy texture to emphasize the unicorn as a whimsical being
  • Rigorously tested to ensure child safety when used for hours of play
  • Great for imaginative play, educational tool, decors, or gifts to loved ones
  • Part of CollectA Horse Country Collection
  • Fanatics can also collect Blue Unicorn Stallion, Pink Unicorn Mare, Pink Unicorn Foal Rearing (Sold separately)
  • Dimensions: 11cm x 7.6cm
  • Recommended for children ages 3 and up

It is no surprise why unicorns are part of every collector’s list. Don’t miss out and add the magical CollectA Horse Country Blue Unicorn Foal Toy Figure to your display!