Clue Card Game



Spend hours caught up in this adaptation of Hasbro’s Clue Card Game

Make leisure time fun and entertaining with the Hasbro’s Clue Card Game. This game will unleash the hidden detective in your kids by using their logical thinking abilities. They can also gather information through the evidence and file cards and whoever guesses other player’s mysterious crime cards wins! 

Hasbro is a producer of some of the most iconic toy and game franchises, such as Monopoly, Playskool, Nerf, and Tonka. Renowned for quality and fun, you know you’re in good hands with Hasbro.


  • This deck of cards is all you need to play the classic ‘Clue’ Game 
  • Box doubles as a compact storage unit
  • Suitable for ages 8+ and 3-4 players 

Transform your child’s daily routine into a fun and competitive activity with this Hasbro’s Classic Clue Card Game!