Classic Games Mahjong



Classic Games Mahjong features durable Mahjong tiles with bright colours that last even after years of play.

Master the art of Mahjong with kids. The Classic Games Mahjong introduces kids to this 19th century game with its durable tiles with bright colours.

Mahjong is a tile-based game from China that’s been played all over the world. Test your kids’ skills as they indulge in this game of skill, strategy, and summation with the Classic Games Mahjong.


  • The Classic Games Mahjong includes durable mahjong tiles, 3 sets of dice, 4 racks, and a wind indicator.
  • Easy to learn gameplay
  • Accommodates 2-4 players
  • Develops kids’ analytical and social skills
  • Ideal for classic game lovers ages 8+ years

Put your kids’ luck and skills to the test with the Classic Games Mahjong.