Classic Bug Catcher



Classic Bug Catcher is a great outdoor toy for budding explorers and scientists

Kids can experience the fascinating timeless classic of catching bugs in this proven bug catcher, a simple yet sturdy design keeps bugs at bay whilst allowing them to be observed.

Features :

  • Made of sturdy plastic, this Classic Bug Catcher has a bottom which unclips whilst you ae hunting for bugs. Scoop them up with the bug catcher then pop the bottom lid back on to trap them.
  • Especially designed air holes allow bugs to continue living and leaves and sticks can be placed in the bug catched through the top removable lid.
  • Bugs can quite live inside the Classic Bug Catcher for some time as long as they have some access to food and water.
  • The large clear plastic construction means bugs can be observed from all angles but not escape into the house.
  • Please note Bug Catcher comes in a variety of colours which are selected and shipped at random.


The Classic Bug Catched is an affordable toy that will develop your child’s imagination and provide insight into the world of bugs.