Classic 300 Poker Set in Case



Classic 300 Poker Set in Case is a premium set guaranteed to delight poker enthusiasts! 

Poker players will find this set the perfect companion for their weekly poker night. No need to look for something else as this kit provides all the gamers need to play for many hours. 


  • Classic 300 Poker Set in Case comes with 1 deck of poker cards, 1 dealer button, 2 betting buttons, 5 poker dice and an instruction sheet.
  • Consists of 300 professional weight casino-style poker chips (about 25 lbs).
  • Includes an aluminium case for secured storage.
  • The aluminium case contains a metal latch to prevent accidental opening and a handle for easy carry.
  • Suitable for 8 years old onwards.

Get Classic 300 Poker Set in Case and you’ll be prepared all the time for a tournament with your friends and fellow poker fans!