Chrono Bomb Action Game



Chrono Bomb Action Game is an awesome game of skill and dexterity

We’ve all seen the movies where the Secret Agent needs to navigate a field of shiny laser lines without touching a single one, well the Chrono Bomb Action Game recreates this maze with tight string lines which kids need to navigate to win the game. It would have been great for this game to have real lasers but there is the safety issues…so this game has a sensitive sensor so that if you touch the string it speeds up the countdown timer and you have less time to navigate the maze.


  • So this is how this game goes – first there is a bomb on the other side of the room, it’s been booby trapped with a whole lot of string lines and your job is to get through them to disarm the bomb without touching a single one…now hurry the timer is running out…
  • Set up the game with the 6 string clamps which clamp easily onto furniture, and the 27 feet of black string, attach the end to the sensor then GO !
  • This game is terrific for kids who enjoy physical play, develops whole body movements and balance whilst being awesome fun.
  • The sensor and timer require 3 AAA batteries which are not included.


Be the Secret Agent that disarms the bomb first with this awesome Chrono Bomb Action Game.