Cake Splat Game



Cake Splat Game is a hilarious game the whole family can enjoy

What’s funnier than a cake in the face ! Kids ADORE this game, sure it’s a little bit messy and may end with the whole family on a little bit of a sugar high but the laughs are worth it. Cake Splat Game is also a game of suspense, the suspense being you just never know when that cake is going to go SPLAT on your face.

Features :

  • So, here’s how it works, load the hand with cream, cake or a wet sponge, throw the dice, the  turn the handle the amount of times the dice lands on, cross your fingers that you don’t end up with a Cake Splat
  • Each super fun game includes  cake thrower with throwing arm, turning wheel, a chin rest,  splash card mask (this stops the cake going in your hair) and dice. We recommend you have some paper towels on hand for the clean up
  • Perfect for 2 to 4 players this game requires no batteries or special skills and that’s what makes it so much fun.


Cake Splat Game is simply awesome fun, you don’t need any special skills but bring your sense of humour !