Build a Truck Press Out Model and Book



Learn about the power of trucks and turbocharged engines with this Build a Truck Press Out Model and Book

This set is produced with the dual purpose of introducing your child to the mechanical world whilst also fuelling their adventures with four easy to create truck models. A perfect product for any child fascinated with their creative side and the unknown, this Build a Truck kit will guarantee hours of endless fun for any aspiring mechanics or truck drivers. 


  • Build a Truck by Claire Bampton is a hardcover book that features 5 fully-illustrated pages about Trucks and Mega Trucks.
  • Includes 4 easy to make and create truck models with press out and construct features.
  • Blends education with fun through learning about Mega Trucks
  • Suitable for ages 6+

Set your child’s sight for the skies with this Build a Truck set, and watch them soar on the wings of their curiosity and mind.