Build a Spaceship



Build a Spaceship will introduce your child to rockets

This set is produced with the dual purpose of introducing your child to the cutting-edge world of space exploration, whilst also fuelling their adventures with four easy to create rocket models. A perfect product for any child fascinated with their creative side and the unknown, this Build a Spaceship kit will guarantee hours of endless fun for any aspiring astronaut or rocket technician. 

The Build A series is a producer of iconic models and classic fun for the entire family. From rockets to dinosaurs, their products are great for the practical-minded and the curious alike. 


  • Includes 4 easy to make and create rocket models
  • No cutting or glueing, just 4 press out models that fit together for awesome play.
  • Blends education with fun through learning about space travel
  • Suitable for ages 6+

Set your child’s sight for the skies with this Build a Spaceship set, and watch them soar on the wings of their curiosity and mind.