Bubble Fun Bubble Fountain Machine



The Bubble Fun Bubble Fountain overflows with fun bubbles for your child

Bring your child’s playtime fun to a whole new level with the Bubble Fun Bubble Fountain. With its own bubble solution, it is very easy to play with; just attach the bubble solution and play, no dipping necessary! 

If that isn’t exciting enough, the Bubble Fun Bubble Fountain also comes with a button that your child can press to make the toy produce lights to act as fireworks at night!


  • The Bubble Fun Bubble Fountain comes with its own 118.29 ml bubble solution for bubble-making fun.
  • The Bubble Fun Bubble Fountain lights up at the push of a button.
  • The fountain machine can shoot bubbles over 5 feet into the air.
  • The Bubble Fun Bubble Fountain requires 4 AA Batteries (not included).
  • Recommended for Ages 3+ (small parts)

The Bubble Fun Bubble Fountain will provide loads of entertainment for your child and will let them make bubbles while popping them at the same time!