Bruder 1:16 MAN TGS Street Sweeper



Bruder MAN TGS Street Sweeper features a precise 1:16 model of the actual street cleaning vehicle and how it works.

Road cleaning has always played an integral part in communities as they clean pavements effectively. With its detailed design, powerful engine, and above-average payload, your kids will surely be in awe of the Bruder MAN TGS Street Sweeper.

This road sweeper prototype is a powerful educational and fun tool with its two rotating and adjustable cleaning brushes adjustable in height. A long brush can be driven in motion as it cleans surfaces, while the flexible hose and suction pipe at the rear deal with large amounts of dirt. The Bruder street sweeper toy also comes with a waste container that tilts and opens like the actual refuse truck.


  • The 1/16 MAN TGS Street Sweeper By Bruder comes with:
    • Cab windows made from durable, transparent, and shatter-proof plastic
    • Folding outside mirror
    • Functional doors that open to fit Bruder’s World Figures (not included)
    • Treaded tires
    • Two rotating adjustable and height-adjustable round brushes
    • Driven long brush under the sweeper’s body
  • The flexible hose has a suction pipe and support
  • Tilting refuse can be opened.
  • Toy vehicle shows how the actual cleaning truck works.
  • Compatible with Bruder’s Bworld Figure
  • Teaches kids about the roles and functions of a street sweeper through hands-on play.
  • A great addition to your child’s Bruder Miniature World collection
  • Product Dimensions: 19 cm x 47 cm x 23 cm
  • Recommended for kids 4+ years

Have a complete road cleaning experience with your kids with the Bruder 1:16 MAN TGS Street Sweeper.