Bruder 1:16 MAN TGS Cement Mixer Truck



The Bruder 1:16 MAN TGS Cement Mixer Truck encourages the builder spirit in every child with its “all-rounder” innovations and robust structure that can handle a range of construction adventures.

The MAN TGS Cement Mixer Truck features an overall durable design, which is a combination of the new MAN cab and an enhanced truck mixer body. Its wide-opening doors allow Bruder worker figures to get inside the cabin and operate the truck. A more prominent specialty of this all-rounder is its solid cylinder that spins using a hand crank already installed.

Completing the scene is the real act of pouring out the contents of the drum by reversing its direction of rotation. The spiral conveyor of the cylinder excretes the liquefied cement load to the discharge chute at the back of the truck. To enhance the effect, kids can add the optional light & sound piece (sold separately). 


  • Bruder 1:16 MAN TGS Cement Mixer Truck is perfect for future engineers who would like to explore the thrill of building things.
  • The Bruder 1:16 MAN TGS Cement Mixer Truck is compatible with Bruder worker figures, trailers and other construction equipment.
  • Your child can take it outside to experience some backdoor construction adventure.
  • The awesome Bruder Cement Mixer Truck doesn’t require batteries and operates manually.
  • Made of sturdy, high-quality ABS plastic for greater resilience against rough surfaces, mishandling and crashes
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor play
  • The Truck Mixer Drum features:
    • A hand crank
    • A spiral conveyor
    • An emptying-function by rotating the drum the opposite way
    • An interior spiral that delivers the load
    • A discharge chute at the rear
    • 2 plug-on drain chutes
  • Product Dimensions: 51cm x 18.5cm x 26.5cm
  • Perfect for kids aged 3 years and up.

Bruder 1:16 MAN TGS Cement Mixer Truck brings all the finest qualities of an actual prototype, making it a superb gift for a kid who likes to keep things moving!