Bruder 1:16 Caterpillar Excavator



Bruder 1:16 Caterpillar Excavator is an exact replica of the original for amazing backyard play

The Bruder range of kids trucks is well known for it’s amazing quality and attention to detail. All Bruder trucks are made to look just like the real thing right down to the smallest details. 

Perfect for indoor and outdoor play, the Bruder 1:16 Caterpillar Excavator is awesome for kids who enjoy sandpit and pretend play.

Features :

  • The Bruder 1:16 Caterpillar Excavator is made of sturdy high-quality plastics that will withstand many hours on the job.
  • The bonnet of this excavator can be removed to view the realistic ventilator grill and the shovel is removable so kids can complete all running repairs.
  • The dumping action has been slowed down so kids can excavate below the earth line such as building drainage pits.
  • This large scale replica also features real treads made of genuine chain links, which can be replaced with rubber links to play on floors.
  • Perfect for hours of construction fun.


The Bruder 1:16 Caterpillar Excavator is a perfect tough toy for boys who like to get out in the backyard for hours of active play.