Brio World Safari Adventure Set



The Brio World Safari Adventure Set will bring your little explorer to the fun world of Brio!

Prepare to travel into Brio world adventures with the Brio World Safari Adventure Set! The set comes with a wooden Lion figure that welcomes newcomers to the beautiful savannah. The included ranger will accompany your little one to take a step onto the wooden safari steam train. Since they’re about to check on the wild animals, they have to take a care bag to treat any sick animals plus a camera to get a recording of their visit.

Complete with a lion’s cave with a waterhole, a wooden tree, elephant and giraffe figures plus tracks that connect to other Brio World railway systems, this Brio World Safari Adventure Set will surely find a place in your little one’s Brio World collection!


  • This Brio World Safari Adventure Set includes:
    • 1 Safari Engine
    • 1 Animal Wagon
    • 1 Animal Cage Wagon
    • 1 Ranger Figure
    • 1 Care Bag
    • 1 Camera
    • 1 Lion
    • 1 Giraffe
    • 1 Elephant
    • 9 Wooden Tracks
    • 4 Mountain Track Supports
    • 1 Green Switch Track
    • 1 Wooden Tree
    • 1 Rock Stop
    • 1 Brown Terrain Track
  • The wooden train set comes with wooden tracks to give kids open-ended layouts, an off-road track and mountain track support.
  • Compatible with other Brio World railway systems (each sold separately).
  • Helps promote hand-eye coordination, motor skills and creative imagination skills.
  • Product Dimensions: 69.8cm x 54.6cm x 9cm
  • Suitable for kids from ages 3 years and older.

Get your child to practise and enhance their creative imagination to take them across the savannah plains and see wild animals with the Brio World Safari Adventure Set