Brio World Ferry Ship



The Brio World Ferry Ship set lets your little one navigate themselves into the fun world of Brio!

Get your little captain ready to set sail with the Brio World Ferry Ship! Since trains can’t exactly run of water, they’re going to need some help when going to places that don’t have tracks in between. Good thing this Ferry is here to deliver. This toy ship comes with light and sound effects that can be activated with a slight push of a button. Complete with 2 docking tracks and a ferry door that opens upon arrival, this Brio World Ferry Ship will surely be a fantastic new addition to your child’s Brio World collection.

Brio is a Swedish toy manufacturer that has been producing high-quality, classic toys from the late 1800s. Renowned for their use of all-natural materials in their toy production, their toys are designed to fuel imaginative play and subtly nudge along your child’s cognitive and physical development.


  • The Brio World Ferry Ship includes:
    • 1 Ferry Ship
    • 2 Docking Tracks
  • Connect the 2 docking tracks to a railway (not included) to get the ferry to dock and load the train onto the ship.
  • The ferry’s doors open automatically when the ship docks at the port.
  • To hear the ferry make the authentic warning horn for departure, just press the button in the smokestack.
  • Helps promote hand-eye coordination, fine motor and imaginative skills.
  • Requires 2 LR44 batteries.
  • Product Dimensions: 36.6cm x 7cm x 9.7cm
  • Suitable for kids from ages 3 years and older.

Inspire your child to expand their playtime’s setting by bringing them to the imaginary sea with the Brio World Ferry Ship.