Brio Toddler Ball Pounder



Brio Toddler Ball Pounder is a striking eco-friendly toy for your kids

Ball Pounder is a multifunctional toy for toddlers. it is designed to develop your children’s motor skills, body coordination, physical strength, mental focus and hearing senses. It enables them to have fun while listening to different sounds created by the balls every time they pound and randomly slips through the holes.

Each ball has its unique rattling sound in three different colours. Ball Pounder is best for toddlers who loves to pound and hammer all day long. It received an award as 2017 Toy of the year in Sweden. Brio toys are made with high-quality and 100% Forest Steward Council (FSC) certified wood. 


  • Brio Toddler Ball Pounder is a five pieces set includes
    • 1 Bucket
    • 1 Mallet
    • 3 Colourful balls
  • Vibrant ball colours in red, yellow and green.
  • Bucket specifications are approximately 15cm in width,5cm in-depth and 10.1cm in height.
  • The packaging is about 20cm in width,14cm in height, and 17cm in depth.
  • No batteries needed.
  • Suitable for toddlers ages 18 months and up.

Help develop your child’s mental focus and motor skills with the Brio Toddler Ball Pounder.