Bosch Builders Hard Hat



Be just like Mum and Dad with this realistic Bosch Toy Helmet 

Nothing feels more grown up to a toddler than working on the tools with mum or dad. Whether your building a deck or just do some weeding the fun has just begun!

This Bosch Toy Workers Helmet is bright yellow for safety and looks just like mum or dads and will have your child feeling super grown up when they are dressed up ready to work on the tools.


  • This set includes a work helmet for a simple accessory to a hard day on the tools
  • Ideal for Builders, Gardening, or just playing with the excavator in te sandpit.
  • The Bosch Workers Helmet is one size fits all, and fit most children from the age of 3 to 8 years.

Imitation is the greatest form of flattery, you will be really flattered by your child working right alongside you. Encourage creativity and pretend play with this Bosch Toy Helmet – let’s see what your little builder can build and fix! 

Please note: The items on sale are in no way safety items and parental supervision is strongly recommended around real tools.